My mornings will be different without Robin Roberts. She’s taking a break from Good Morning America to get her bone marrow transplant.

She’s very lucky her sister was a perfect match because that doesn’t always happen. If you’ve ever considered joining the bone marrow registry I urge you to. It’s as simple as swabbing your cheek and sending an envelope back.

I hope I get matched someday. I think it would be an honor to use my body to cure someone’s cancer. I’m not afraid of the procedure. It takes only minutes and your lower back hurts for a few days. Small potatoes compared to cancer.

So just do it. Stop letting it fall out of your brain or sitting on your mental to do list.

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  1. kitkatloves said: Is it only in America, or is there one in each country? I may have to look i to that!
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    Yes, please do. I registered last year sometime, and actually got a call from them this week telling me that I’m a...
  3. electradaddy said: Doesn’t the FDA still ban gay men from making bone marrow donations, unless they’ve been celibate for 5 years?
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